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3 Person Draft - Singles - Doubles September 2-4, 2006
Sunday September 3, 2006 8:32 AM
Summitville, IN


Saturday September 2nd, Summitville, IN
Jim's Long Weekend of Shuffleboard started out Friday night with a couple round robins.The partying carried on in to the wee hours according to Jeri Ingram. At least one person had to be awoken up from their beauty sleep in the parking lot to start the 3 person event! Of special note, Glenn Smith, Sharon Crowder and Bob Lang joined us again from Cinncinati, OH! printed out flyers for all the upcoming September events on the Indiana Schedule including (in order) Houghton Lake, Journey's End Amateur 1.5>, The Wandering Women's Tournament, and GI's Round Robin.
Also included were the flyers for the Indiana Pre-State and 18th Indiana State Tournament, both events being held in November at Journey's End in Bourbon. Also provided were copies of the new 2006-2007 Indiana Schedule which can be viewed and printed from the Indiana Schedule page.

3 Person Draft
Thirty-three people signed up for the 3 person draft. Ann Harrell and Jeri Ingram chose to sit out to allow several late arrivals the chance to participate.The top eleven rated players retired to a corner for the draft which was accomplished with a minimum amount of blood shed and confusion. Sheets were printed, the calcutta performed & play commenced, all in a timely manner.

Jim Long Roast
Below is the plaque that will be presented to Jim Long on Sunday before the Open Singles (and after he's roasted!) The award is so shiny that to try to get a picture of it without being reflected in it or the flash reflecting in it, I took it outside on the hood of my car. The blue you see in the background are clouds up in the sky. That's way better than a reflection of me and my camera!

Open Singles

Open Doubles


3 Person Draft - 11 Teams Open Singles - Open Doubles

Glen Ingram, Todd Brewer, Steve Simison
Tom Massey, Tony Watson, Jane Seybert
Jim Long, Tony Skinner, Rocky Rider
Larry Brown, Doc Deventer, Teresa Taylor
Ray Miller, Conie Langolf, Bob Lang
Jim Hamilton, Dan Watson, Sharon Crowder
Mary Brown, Butch Thomas, Byron George
Bud Esterline, Glenn Smith, Tracy Mack
Scott Smith, Gene Brown, Chet Seybert
Sheryll Cockerill, Taya Keesling, Robert Atkins
Bud Broka, Vicki Morgan, Ken Reed


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