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Bourbon, IN - February 17-18, 2006 - Open Doubles - [Picture Gallery]
Saturday February 18, 2006 1:10 AM

Bourbon, IN: Tournament events in Bourbon, IN at Journey's End Bar & Grill started Friday night, February 17th with a draw partner. Ten teams participated with Dave "Brownie" Nifong placing 3rd in his first ever shuffleboard tournament with partner Gary Neff. Jim² (Jim Long & Jim Hartung) placed 2nd and the power house team of Brian Collins and bar owner, Mike Koontz came in first.

Saturday dawned with cold and clear with temperatures in the single digits. Even though Jesse Lainhart ws feeling uder the weather, he and partner Larry Brown placed third on the every changing (becaue of the temperature drop) boards. Gary Anglin and partner, Jim Hamilton finished second. Brian Collins and Gary Neff finished the day undefeated and took the top prize.

By Ann Harrell

February 17, 2006 - Draw Partner - 10 Teams February 18, 2006 - Open Doubles - 12 Teams

1st Brian Collins & Mike Koontz

2nd Jim Long & Jim Hartung

3rd Gary Neff & Dave Nifong

Dave Arnett & Gary Anglin
Ron Merrill & Ken Reed
Mike Grimes & Vicki Morgan
Pam Dowell & Tom King
Dennis Creighbaum & Erik Keenan
Ann Harrell & Uriah Graham
Jesse Lainhart & Terry Dowell

1st Brian Collins & Gary Neff

2nd Gary Anglin & Jim Hamilton

3rd Jesse Lainhart & Larry Brown

Ken Reed & Erik Keenan
Amy Bond & Ann Harrell
Randy Redman & Dennis Kinsey
Mike Koontz & Dave Vondron
Pam Dowell & Vicki Morgan
Terry Dowell & Jim Long
Bobby & Debbie Voorhis
Jerry Knox & Ron Merrill
Dave Arnett & Doc Deventer
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