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American Legion #258 Pierceton, IN
April 8, 2006
Updated Sunday April 9, 2006 8:40 AM
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1st Draw Partner - 10 Teams Open Doubles - 10 Teams
1st Dan Elder & Carl Finken
2nd Jon Mouk & Mike Grimes

Jay Bailey & Vicki Morgan
MJ & Joe Rose
Jan Carter & Glen Elder
Joe Rose Jr. & Jim Long
Al Sutherland & Bryan Collins
Bill Smith & Phil Ladd
Jere Goodman & Ann Harrell
Marge Camp & Phil Heinzman
1st Larry Brown & MJ
2nf Jim Long & Glen Ingram
3rd Terry Dowell & Gary Neff

Larry Huffer & Brian Collins
MK & Jim Hartung
Randy Redman & Dennis Kinsey
Mary Brown & Pam Dowell
Bud Esterline & Vicki Morgan
RD Cole & Jan Carter
Dan Elder & Ken Reed
2nd Draw Partner - 6 Teams  
1st/2nd Michelle Elder & Phil Heinzman
1st/2nd MJ & Dan Elder

Bill Smith & Jan Elder
Mitch Elder & Carl Finken
Jan Carter & Ortie Mann
Mike Grimes & Pat Kuhn

PIERECTON, IN: Once again Phil Heinzman added $200 to the entry fee and offered cards for lagging 4s. Glen Ingram again lagged a 4 to claim a card, lagging out of a game. Pam Dowell was the only other person to lag a 4 for the day.
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