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January 20-21, 2006
Doubles Tournament
American Legion #258
Pierceton, IN

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Sunday February 26, 2006 0:10 AM

Pierceton, IN - Pierceton, Indiana played host to shuffleboard players from across the state January 20-21st. Friday night two draw partner events were held for the competitors. Saturday 13 teams vied for the weekend doubles title. Terry Dowell from Mentone (formerly of Bourbon) and Gary Neff, current Bourbon resident placed 3rd. Jesse Lainhart and Scott Smith from Summitville placed second, coming through the losers bracket. Gary Anglin and his partner finished first.

Special thanks to Dan Elder, Pat Kuhn and Jan Elder for manning the registration desk and the bracket board. While tournament director, Phil Heinzman, was held up out of town on business these folks made the tournament run smoothly. Phil's aura was still felt by the added entry money and the "Lag a 4" envelopes on the end of each board. Three out of 4 envelopes were won. Lagging 4s on the day were Mary Brown, Terry Dowell and Robbie Collins.

A/B Draw Partner - 9 Teams   Open Doubles - 13 Teams

1st Brian Collins & Jim Hamilton

Jim Elder & Glen Elder
Ordie Mann & Marge Camp
Dan Elder & Wayne Busz
Carol Westerman & Mike Grimes
Dave Arnett & Larry Creakbaum
Al Sutherland & Carol Finker
Stephanie & Annette Busz
Don Drudge & Ann Harrell

A/B Draw Partner - 7 Teams
1st Mike Johnson & S.S.
2nd Jesse Lainhart & Brian Collins

Ordie Mann & Mike Grimes
Jim Long & Jim Hamilton
Vicki Morgan & Stephanie
Amy Bond & Carol Westerman
Larry Creakbaum & Pat Kuhn


1st Gary Anglin & Mike Koontz

2nd S.S. & Jesse Lainhart

3rd Terry Dowell & Gary Neff

Glenn Ingram & Jim Long
Robbie Collins & Milt Van Ulzen
Brian Collins & Jim Hamilton
Dennis Kinsey & Randy Redman
Larry & Mary Brown
Ordie Mann & Dave Arnett
Larry Creakbaum & Dan Elder
Amy Bond & Ann Harrell
Mike Grimes & Carl Finken
Mike Johnson & Larry Huffer
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