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Open Singles
January 28, 2006
120 N. Main
Bourbon, IN 46504
22 Singles

Bourbon, IN: Festivities in Bourbon began at noon Saturday, January 28th with 22 players signed up for the singles shuffleboard event. Play commenced after the calcutta on the 4 great boards and a 5th board that's Ok <g>. Gary Neff ran the brackets with help from others while he was playing. Ann Harrell took the entry fees and calcutta money. Using a spreadsheet, she was able to divide up the calcutta and entry fee money in a matter of minutes as it was all figured automajically when the last calcutta sale was made.

About 5PM board 2 was taken out of the tournament as 32 pool players arrived en masse for a pool tournament that was to start on the two pool tables in the north room at 6PM. Journey's End matches the entry fee for the pool tournament and many of the shuffleboard players thought that was a fine idea for their tournament also! This suggestion was ignored, pretty much, by Mike Koontz.

Last game on board 1 on the south wall was about between Gary Neff and his sponsor, Dennis Creighbaum. Gary won that game and that board was closed to prepare for Karoke beginning at 9:00 PM. We then retired to the "back" room where the tournament was to finish up on the three boards there.

Gary Neff played Terry Dowell on board 4, which 30 years ago belonged to Terry's family then found a home in the garage of Gary Anglin for many years. Terry put up a good fight but was hampered by a torn rotator cuff that he will have operated on this coming Thursday.

Gary then proceded to board 3 on the north wall to play Pam Dowell. Pam had defeated Gary soundly on that board to put him in the losers bracket earlier in the day. Pam lagged four 3s but Gary fought back with some good defense and some fine lags of his own to prevail.

And then came Bud. Bud Broka, still rated -.29, proved he still has the stamina and skill to hold back the competition, going undefeated for the day despite Gary's best efforts to force a second game. Congratulations to Bud and Gary and their sponsors for a fine tournament as well as Terry and Pam Dowell.

By Ann Harrell

2nd Gary Neff - 1st Bud Broka

3rd Pam Dowell 4th Terry Dowell

Kristy Redman
Ann Harrell
Mike Koontz
Dennis Kinsey
Dennis Creighbaum
Ron Merrill
Don Keppel
Uriah Graham
Dave Petteys
Randy Redman
Bud Esterline
Mike Grimes
Dave Arentt
Gary Anglin
Ken Reed
Mary Brown
Jim Hartung
Missy Rupe


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