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GI's Town Tavern
Open Singles - Graduated Entry
Summitville, IN

January 28, 2006
Reported by Jeri Ingram

Summitville, IN: Glen & Jeri Ingram's Town Tavern drew 27 singles players this past weekend to play on their 3 house boards. This tournament featured a graduated entry fee. Players rated -0 paid $100, 1s paid $75, 2s paid $50 and everyone else could enter for $25 giving them a chance to play great competition and gain experience with out killing their pocket book.

The total prize purse was $4,545 and was paid to 4 places. Taking the top prize was Rick Stocker (.53) with just rated Scott Smith (1.06) taking 2nd. Michigan visitor Steve Auten (-.89) cleared 3rd place and the hostess with the mostest, Jeri Ingram (1.55) placed 4th.

27 Singles

1st Rick Stocker

2nd Scott Smith

3rd Steve Auten

4th Jeri Ingram

Jim Long
Phil Crowder
Jim Hamilton
Glen Ingram
Robbie Collins
Larry Deventor (Doc)
Byron George
Tom Massie
Jerry Siebert
Jr. Lopez
Dave Boaz
Steve Auten
Sheryl Cockerill
Jesse Lainhart

Larry Creakbaum
Larry Brown
Gene Brown
Scott Smith
Tom Nolder
Blaine Yeagey
Mike Gilman
Jeri Ingram
Carie Siple
Danny Smith
Teresa Taylor
Any Bond
Rick Stocker

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