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Canadian Masters

Royal Canadian Legion #148

I would like to start out by saying without the tremendous amount of help from Diane Heil this Tourn. would have been a bust. I have no words to express how much I appreciated all her help. Thank You Lady Di. We moved our BeaverTourney to Royal Canadian Legion 148 for the next 2 years while our new Club 83 is being built. The Members & Staff treated us all just super for their 1st time Shuffleboard Tournament to be held there. We had a very good turnout from other provinces in Canada, Oregon & Washington with a total payout of $8250.00

Congratulations to our winners.  Good job!

Thurs was the ABC Draw with 14 Teams -
1 - Gordie Smith, Bill Weir, Randy Storjeoff
2 - Eric Kolstrud, Dick Moore, Vernon Mcguire
3 - Joanie Millar, Rick, Litman, Mike Provencher
4 - Jeff Mercer, Ed Stalarchuck, Butch Zonca
Fri was Open Singles
1 - Mike Provencher
2 - Jim Nicol
3 - Joe Paszkowski
4 - Rick Litman
5 - Brian Burchynsky
6 - Marty Atkinson

Fri was Ladies Doubles
1 - Joanie Millar, Teresa Cartwright
2 - Susan Clark, Katie Docile
Div 1 Doubles -
1 - Joanie Millar, Eric Kolstrud
2 - Jim Nicol, Gordie Smith
Div 11 Doubles
1 - Harry Oda, Ken Griggs
2 - Doug Moore, Dick Moore
3 - Rick Litman, Mike Provencher

Our Tourney had $1500.00 added with Donations coming from, Royal Canadian Legion 148, Army, Navy Air Force Branch 45, North Shore Shuffleboard League & Long Shuffleboard Association of British Columbia also a $500.00 Draw for 10 Players to receive $50.00 each, also a Basket Tourney Fund raiser Draw, with all 7 Baskets being made up by Diane Heil.

This being my 1st Tourney as Director I would like to Thank my friends that came from Oregon, Washington namely Mike Waters, Donnie Stallsworth & Frank Mako for all their coaching & help also Pat Champagne, Pat Preymak, Diana Madson & Diane Heil for all their help in making our Tourney a huge success.

There were only a couple of disappointments, our Tourney was under heavy scrutiny by another Association, with them questioning every thing we did, note taking & their Puppy Dog reporting back to them with all what we were doing. I made a lot of mistakes which is common for 1st time Tourney but all my friends helped to fix things & make it run pretty smooth.

The biggest disappointment was Mike Waters & I were very disappointed that "Herbie" did not show up to survey our Tourney & comment on it as he has done to others. I personally wanted to show "Herbie" our nice big Parking lot. Mike Waters & I (Gordie Smith) would like to challenge "Herbie" to bring his partner to Reno & play us if he has the "Balls"!!!

Thank You - Gordie


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