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Wednesday, September 6, 2006 8:20 PM
CO.NE.Head Classic VII

By: Char Waugaman
Photos By: Candy Lepore

Our annual Colorado/Nebraska A/B/C draw tournament, the CO.NE.head Classic hosted by the Balloon Inn, started out with Harold Newbanks’ “first class” limo breaking down one mile from the Balloon Inn after a 14 hour trip from Harold’s Bar in Omaha. We’re not sure how they stretched and 8-hour trip into 14 but we were glad to see them in one piece anyway. Is it really true, Harold, that since the air conditioner didn’t work in the limo, you packed the coolers full of dry ice to keep cool?

After lots of ribbing, Harold, along with Brad Lowry (CO Captain) and Jo Cook (CO) went undefeated to finish in first place. Second place honors went to Randall Barber (CO), Jerry Vanderwoude (NE) and Char Waugaman (CO Captain). Third place was awarded to Kevin Kelly (CO Captain), Mike Richardson (CO), and Sean (NE).

A special thanks to the ten Nebraskan’s: Art Busch, Chuck Busch, Jim Payne, Jerry Vanderwoude, Loren Gorgenson, Trish Lanouette, Sean, Tom Gamo, Rich Klanderud and Harold Newbanks for participating and making the annual CO.NE.Head another successful and fun tournament. We hope to see all of you again next year.

As always, we appreciate and thank the Balloon Inn for providing the boards, great food and the added money to keep this traditional tournament alive.

Colorado Players: Morey Balins, Ron Sosovec, Travis Anderson, Dave Cowan, Kevin Kelly, Brad Lowry, Kenny Reeves, Bob Perry, Dennis Bird, Pete Martinez, Candy Lepore, Don Garrison, Bill Shino, Barb Kenny, Mike Hedges, Jo Cook, Mike Tramutolo, Randall Barber, Larry Call, Mike Call, Gwyn Orsi, Mike Richardson, and Char Waugaman.

1st place
Harold Newbanks, Jo Cook, Brad Lowry (Cap't)

2nd place Randall Barber, Jerry Vanderwoude, Char Waugaman (Cap't.), Russ Brown (Sponsor)

3rd place
Sean, Kevin Kelly (Cap't.), Mike Richardson
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