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Presidents' Day Shuffleboard Tournament
VFW POST #1051, Ripon, California
February 17-21, 2005
Saturday November 19, 2005 9:05 PM
Eddy Brayman's Report Posted March 2, 2005

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2005 California Presidents' Day Shuffleboard Tournament    
  February 17 to February 21, 2005

By Eddie Brayman...

I partnered up with Lorraine Olson to run my first tournament back in February, 2001. Since then I have run over a dozen tournaments. For the most part, each successive tournament got easier and easier to run. This tournament was plagued by problems and mishaps, and was, by far, the most stressful of them all. Here is just a small sample of the problems we ran into...

1) At the last minute we were informed that overnight RV parking would not be available.

2) In the warm up event (A/B) after 3 columns of the chart had been run, Peas plunged into its most disasterous bug to date. The chart was wiped out. Within 15 minutes I was able to put things back together, but it was a bit scary (since we, at that point, had no backups, digitially or any other way).

3) Between Lorraine and I we had 5 printers with a worth totalling over $10,000. As if a force from hell had zapped us with a lightening bolt, suddenly, none of them would print a page. With the most state-of-the-art high-tech equipment smothering the huge front desk, we ended up hand writing sponsor sheets (luckily the copier on one of the printers was still functioning).

4) The huge screen TV that Lorraine purchased the 1st day of the tournament offered nothing more than the fuzziest of displays, making chart display impossible. We ended up printing charts but that wasn't enough to satisify people. Ultimately we ended up copying the Peas charts to the standard wall charts.

That all said, would I say the tournament was a success? Well, money-wise, the entry+sponsor came to over $40k ($10k short of last year). We did finish on time. We had 86 players. The problems and stress level was much more than I could ever imagine could occur in a silly old shuffleboard tournament, so in that regard, I certainly learned quite a bit, but overall, yes, I think we had a succesful tournament. I would like to offer my sincerest thanks and apologizes to everyone that attended, and to those who didn't make it this year, you missed a doozie.

Special thanks to Lorraine Olson, Linda Nobles, and espeically, Bill Maxwell who has bailed me out 2 years in a row.

Eddie Brayman



  AB Draw   (26 teams)
Pat Bayless & Virgil Jones

  2nd Mike Waters & Clara Kenny
  3rd Rick Thomas (1) & Judy Morphis
  4th Ted Curtice & John Azevedo
  5th Mahlon Nobles & Lorraine Olson

Darrol Nelson & Linda Nobles
     Total Purse: $1,300
  ABC Draw   (13 teams)
  1st Mike Waters, Evie Werner, Brent McQuillan
  2nd Bill Walker, H.L. Lee, Susie Jones
  3rd Marion Bailey, Donna Cox, Bev Chaffin
     Total Purse: $4,775
  Open Doubles   (20 teams)
  1st Bill Melton & David Williams
  2nd Darrol Nelson & Jim Payne
  3rd Mike Kinney & Kenny Hawkes
  4th Mike Keevil & Michael Olson
  Add to 3 Doubles   (18 teams)
  1st Bob Crum & Barbara Crum
  2nd Mike Kinney & Timi Kale
  3rd Kenny Hawkes & Jeff Posthumus
  4th Clark Kenny & Virgil Jones
     Total Purse: $15,050
  Open Singles   (21 teams)
  1st David Williams
  2nd Dave Keithahn
  3rd Dudley Hutcherson
  4th Bill Melton
     Total Purse: $6,425        
      $10,225 $30,475 Total: $40,700

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