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Shuffleboard players - Great News  We have a new better place to play,  the Royal Room - 9216 Alondra Blvd Bellflower, California.  We had our Memorial Day tournament from 5/23 thru 5/27/13.  There were 53 players, 4 events, 4 boards to play on.  Everyone had a great time.  We're looking forward to future tournaments plus our league starting up soon.  Our thanks to everyone that played and thanks to those that came to watch.  Thanks to the bartenders and everyone that welcomed us to the Royal Room.  We hope to be there for many years and see our tournaments grow.  My personal thanks to all the ones that helped run the tournament for all the hard work.  Thanks to all those that helped run the tournament, to all those that brought food and those that gave money to help with the food.  No one did without for five days.  I'm not going to name names - that way I stay out of trouble.  We had one lady that goes beyond call of duty when it comes  to food - thank you.  My thanks to the Russ and Leslie Lankton for what they do to help others.  I would also like to thank Al and Nancy Salazar for their donation.  Well, I can't think of anything else so I'll say so long for now.  Again, thanks to all that came and all those that helped.

Jan Manes

Many thanks to the owner of the Royal Room for allowing us to relocate to this new venue and having us continue our tradition of a Memorial Day Tournament.  Thanks also to the people who brought food.  Kudos to Bubba Warren for organizing this tournament.  The Lanktons donated a diamond ring to be raffled for the benefit of Rena Fleming who was impacted by the tornado in Oklahoma.  A miniature shuffleboard (donated by Al and Nancy Salazar) was also raffled for her benefit.  The two raffles generated $465.  A special thanks to all the people that traveled from far off places to make this a nice tournament.

Bob Brunskill reporting

A-B Draw - 16 Teams ABC Draw - 13 Team
    1st    Richie Eshilian  Paul Thompson
    2nd    Joanie Healey  Willy Vazquez
    3rd    Warren Goldsmith  H. L. Lee
    4th    Vern Booth  Nancy Lehmkuhl
   1st    Barbara Crum  Bud Mitchener   Gordy Hardy
    2nd    Paul Obermiller  Carl Kelm   Gary Sturm
    3rd    Jim Martin  Willy Vazquez  Lauri Gorder
    4th    Oscar Ugarte  Manny Canada  Lance Lohr
Add to 3 doubles - 15 Teams No 2-1 doubles - 7 Teams
    1st    Dan Childs  Richie Eshilian
    2nd    Barbara Crum  Jeff Delphia
    3rd    Nancy Salazar  Jim Rawlings
    1st    Dave Keithahn  Bob Crum
    2nd    Al Salazar  Bubba Warren


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