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Presidents Day Tournament
February 14-17, 2013
13418 Woodruff and Foster
Bellflower, CA 90706
(562) 925-4915


Presidents Day Tournament
February 14 thru February 17, 2013 Cocktails Anyone?
4 events on 4 Boards

Thursday night February 14
    The first event was an AB Draw with 11 teams.  There was no auction so it started early.  Playing for entry fees plus $100 added prize money, the pot was $640.
    1st    Joanie Healey     Jim Rawlings
    2nd    Bob Brunskill      Oscar Ugarte
    3rd    Dave Brennan     Paul Thompson

Friday night  February 15
    The auction for the ABC event was held in the evening with play following.  There were 10 teams playing for entry fees, $250 added prize money and Calcuttas totaling $3475.
The final game was not played with the pot split.
    1st/2nd    Al Salazar     Paul Thompson Terry McDermott
    1st/2nd    Warren Goldsmith Jeff Delphia Gary Sturm
    3rd            Oscar Ugarte Anna Brunskill Linda Rawlings

Saturday night  February 16
    Calcuttas for the Add to -1 and the Add to 3 events were both held on Saturday evening.  Entry fees, $250 added prize money and Calcuttas totaled $3700 for the Add to -1 Bring Doubles event with 8 teams.
    1st    Dave Keithahn         Craig Amundson
    2nd    Karl Spickelmier             Nick Chaffin

    Entry fees, $250 added prize money and Calcuttas totaled $2280 for the Add to 3 Bring Doubles event  with 10 teams.  The top two teams didn't play the final match and split the prize money 50/50.
    1st/2nd    Vern Booth         Paul Thompson
    1st/2nd    Richie Eshilian     Jeff Delphia
    3rd        George Goldsmith  Jimmy Lowe

    Many thanks to the Cocktails Anyone? owner for donating the $850 added prize money.   Thanks also to the people who brought food.  Kudos to Bubba Warren for organizing this tournament.  Charlene Goldsmith donated a diamond ring to be raffled for the benefit of the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.  Also donated to the Hall of Fame was the $25 pot from the ‘Lag a 4’ event which had no winner. A special thanks to all the people that traveled from far off places to make this a nice tournament.


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