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Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament
June 28-July 1, 2012


Thursday night June 28
The first event was an AB Draw with 23 teams. 

    1st    Jim Martin  Carl Kelm
    2nd    Bob Crum  Doug Hynes
    3rd    Bill Landress  Nyna Christensen
    4th    Bob Brunskill  Jake Lankton
    5/6th    Dave Gunsaulis  Mark Tolbert
    5/6th    Anna Brunskill  Bret Allen

Friday night  June 29
The auction for the ABC event was held in the evening with play following.  There were 18 teams.

    1st    Donny Cox  Willy VAzquez  Gilbert Schaefer
    2nd    Dan Childs  Allen Healey  Jim Lowe
    3rd    Joanie Healey  Sam Seminario  Lenny Phillips
    4th    Bob Crum   Mike Ringer  Betty Watson
    5/6th    Jana Brannen  Linda Rawlings  Gordon Hardy
    5/6th    Dave Gunsaulis  Bobbydean Kulow  Rose King

Saturday night  June 30
Calcuttas for the Add to 2 and the Add to 4 events were both held on Saturday evening. 8 teams.
    1st    Donny Cox  Josh Moree
    2nd    Jim Martin  Kathy Thomas

Add to 4 Bring Doubles event  with 10 teams.
    1st    Dan Childs  Richie Eshilian
    2nd    J R Noel  Barry Holmes
    3rd    Vern Booth  Paul Thompson

Thanks to Joel Atkins and the staff at the Eagles Aerie 3608 for organizing this tournament.  Also thanks for keeping the Air Conditioner running and the cold drinks flowing.    There were 12 unrated players in the four events out of 62 participants.  The Lanktons donated a diamond ring to be raffled for the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.


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