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Downey Elks 2020
11123 Woodruff Ave, Downey, CA 90241
Sweethearts Shufflebord Tournament
February 19-21, 2010
Reported by Chris Brown  
Once again we had a great turnout for our 6th Annual Sweetheart's Tournament at the Downey Elks with 17 teams showing up from Southern and Northern California and Arizona. With $4300 in prize money, the teams were eager to play, often waxing their boards before I'd even called them up to play! Because of the negative handicap, we had players ranging from 0 to 4 and combined team ratings from 1 to 7. Trust me when I say there were no easy matches.

The players might have been a little sluggish, as food was in constant supply all day Saturday from 8:30 until midnight. Patty Thompson, Sharon Amundson, and Eileen Eades just kept the food coming. And working around his matches, Bob Naretta was our computer wizard and barbeque chef. Wes Eades and Mark Thompson handled board duties for us. Thanks to Kenny Hawkes for being auctioneer.

Play started Friday night immediately after the sponsor sale with the last match finishing up for the night at 2:00AM. We started off again Saturday at 9:00 AM and as the final three teams were all from out of town and traveling Sunday, we pushedthrough and finished the finals at 11:55 PM. You knew everyone was having a great time as they weren't leaving. When the final match was over there were still several dozen people in the Elks Haven and they were still wanting to play board - so they got up a little midnight round robin!

I;d like to thank all our out-of-towner's who traveled so far to see us and who all promised they'd be back net year and thanks to all our local players who are so awesome with their support!

1st Bob & Barbara Crum from North Caralina
(combined rating of 1)
2nd Dwayne Maxwell and Celinda Knight of Arizona (combined rating of 6)
3rd Bud Lachappell and Linda Meyers of Arizona (combined rating of 3)

4th Jim Martin and Chris Brown of S. California
(combined rating of 1)


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