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Memorial Day
May 22-25th, 2009
ABC and Bring Partner

[Photo Slide Show by Jim Martin]
Reported by Jim Martin
The Memorial Day tournament at Oskar's was agood one. We had a total of 13 teams in the ABC and 16 in the doubles. Their was a total of $8455 in prize money for both events. Paul Weber did his usual exceptional job and was able to muster up $2860 in sponsor monies for the ABC and $3020 for the doubles. Great job PW.  Their was lots of good food provided by several ladies and men and a big thank you to each and everyone of you for you time and hard work. Where would we all be if it weren't for each and everyone of you.  

Now for the results. In the ABC, placing first was the Bob Brunskill team of Manny Canada and Susie Jones. There's a thorn among two roses for you. Congrats!

The Russ Lankton team placed second. Russ's team was completed with a couple of strong local player, Dan Childs and Bucky (Rock Lobster) Bronson. Way to go team! Third place was taken by the team of JR Noel, Oskar Ugarte, and Terry McDermott. And fourth by Al Salazar, Kathy Thomas and Bobbie Bailey.

The doubles was won on a double dipper by the dual of Tony Appell and Dewayne Maxwell. I think will we can look for these two to be there again sometime again soon. Congratulations Tony and Dewayne!

Putting up a great battle and playing very well through out the tournament was Dave Brennan and JR Noel. If I'm not mistaken, I think this was their first time they had teamed up.
Third place was won by a pair of local players, Rich "Bubba" Warren and Jerry Harp. Way to go guys! And in fourth was Paul Parks and the new kid on the block, Jason Sanchez. Watch out for this young man.

I would like to thank Oscar Ugarte and all the staff for being a great host for the event and also Bubba, Susie Jones, and Jan Manes for all their support for doing the brackets and helping out on the prize monies.

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