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Sept. 3-7
Labor Day
12th Annual Billy Chiles Memorial

Reported by Jeff Posthumus

Well, we enjoyed another great holiday weekend together for Shuffleboard at Oscar’s Sports Bar inBellflower, Ca.  Labor Day is always a wonderful venue in Southern California, and this year was no exception.


Our annual Billy Chiles tournament was a great success.  We had over $6000.00 in prize money, which made for some fierce competition.


First off, what appears to be a nasty habit of mine, and not reporting sooner, I can only say I am truly sorry for that.  My life is extremely busy.  I do all I can to find the time to write, and sometimes I just fall a little short.


Back to our tournament.  This event is named after a great Shuffleboard Player in Billy Chiles.  Billy was known throughout the shuffleboard community as one of the finest players to throw a weight.  I got to learn from Billy, and will never forget what he showed me.  I also have had the opportunity to get to know his son Erik.  I appreciate both of them and am glad to have been part of their lives.


Before I get to the results, I want to take a moment to reflect on another great player, supporter, teacher, promoter and friend.  As everyone is aware, Paul Webber left us this week for the greatest tournament of all.  With Paul’s passing, I have many feelings.  Paul was truly a mentor to me as he was to so many people in this game.  Paul was a gentleman.  He could tell stories about old players for hours, and I enjoyed listening to them all.  Paul has been a part of shuffleboard it seems forever.  All whom he touched and some who never met him will miss him immensely.  He has a legacy that will last forever, and I am forever in his debt for all he has done to help me improve my game and become a part of.


Below is a picture of Paul at Oscar’s on this Labor Day weekend.  As always, Paul has a smile on his face.  He is doing what he has always done and that is to support this sport.  Though this was Paul’s last auction here, his voice will forever be heard.  I am sure he is in Heaven now making for some great action with all of those we have lost to this game.


Peace Paul, we all love you.


As far as the results go, lets get to it.  We had three events this year.  The first of which was the AB draw.  Played as a single game double elimination, we had 12 teams in this event.  Our first thru third place finishers were: First place went to Bubba Warren and Bud Mitchner.  It is great to see Bubba get in the money after all the time he puts into these events.  As for Bud, well ok, he did a good job as hard as it is to admit it. 


Second Place team was Paul Parks and Richard Eshilian.  Paul has been making a lot of tournaments and it is great to see him doing so well.  Richard is getting to know the game well and he is a fun player to be around.


Third place was Rick Thomas and Bob Lukins.  Nice to see the old timers doing so good.


Next was the ABC.  This event attracted twelve teams.  With such good action, the competition was great to watch.  First place team went to Phil Gardner, Dan Childs and Lisa Mitchner. 

Phil and Dan are quite a team.  Always in the money and playing so well together. Lisa is the best up and coming women in this game.  With Bubba Warren as a teacher, she will surely be a top-notch player.


Second place went to Mr. ABC himself; Bob Brunskill with the support of Kathy Thomas and Ritchie Eshilian.  Kathy is always consistent and fun to watch play and Ritchie, not to be mistaken for his dad Richard mentioned above, is playing very well. 

Third place team was Eric Chiles, Gean Smith and Terry McDermott.  All of these guys played good.  It is great to see Terry in the money. 


The next event was the Bring Partner event.  This year’s group had some tough action.  We had 14 teams in this event and paid out four places.  Coming in forth was the team of Jeff Posthumus and JR Noel. 


These two guys have made a couple runs together and finally made it into the money.  JR had to carry me, but he’s a big boy, he could handle it.


Coming in third place was Phil Gardner and Dan Childs. 

These two seem to get in to the money every time they join forces.  Dan is very consistent and has a knack fort the game that will move him up in rankings quickly.  Phil is Phil, always tough to play and exciting to watch.




Our second place team was Kenny Hawks and Dave Brennen. 

Now, just how do such great players get on the same team?  Watching them play together is an experience in itself.  Kenny is well, Kenny.  Dave is very talented and together they are about as challenging as it gets.


Our first place winners were, drum roll please……………Jerry Harp and yes, the one the only Eric Chiles. 

As I mentioned before, Eric is the son of Billy whom the tournament is named after.  Jerry and Eric played so well together.  Jerry, in his old age, is only getting better.  Love ya pops.  Eric is a monster on these boards.  Sure glad I got beat by someone else.


We of course have thank you’s to go out.  Bubba Warren is our constant in many events.  Bubba ran a good tournament despite complaints from people gathered.  He is dedicated to trying to build this game and have fun at it. 


Of course Jan Maines and Bonnie Trumbol are always wonderful volunteers.  They do whatever we ask of them with a smile (most of the time) on their faces.  We truly appreciate all you two do.


Lets also thank everyone who contributed food for the weekend.  As always, Anna Brunskill provided much to eat.  As good as that food of hers is, I only wish I had grown up at her house. 


Our tournament host Oscar Ugarte always takes care of us.  We do appreciate all he does to support us over the tournament weekends.


Now, a brief rant about volunteers.  I must speak up for once about what I perceive as an action that is in need of correction.  People; let me make this clear, volunteer means they are working for free.  It means there is a group of people willing to give their time and efforts to make your tournament a good experience.  There are times when things do not go the correct way.  There are mistakes made during tournaments.  It happens folks.  But really, do people really need to yell at volunteers?  I have watched many tournaments and can tell you that there is an army of people who work tirelessly to promote and make events run.  I have seen the fatigue on faces of volunteers, and they keep going.  Do me a favor, instead of getting on everyone’s ass because something did not go your way, why not just say thank you to some of these people.  Really, really, they are trying to do what they can to make your events worth going to.


I may suggest that if you have the urge to constantly bitch about how tournaments run, volunteer yourself.  Take the time to learn what it is like to work your ass off and try to give a good event and then have to deal with the crap that keeps coming up.  Maybe, just maybe you will appreciate the efforts more.


Finally, Paul, I will miss you as will everyone else in Shuffleboard.  Thank you for teaching me, leading me and trusting me.  So long my friend and may you win all your games in Heaven.



Jeff Posthumus




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