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2009 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament
July 3rd-6th, 2009
Robbie Gann - CA HOF

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2009 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament Results
California Shuffleboard Hall-of-Fame

Thursday, July 2  The first event was an AB draw with 21 teams.  There was no auction for this event so it started early in the evening.  Playing for entry fee monies only, the pot was $840. Friday, July 3  The auction for the ABC event was held in the morning when the AB event was almost over.  There were 18 teams (54 players) with $1350 in entry and $5020 in auction monies
1st Bob Crum  & Grant Watson 1st George Goldsmith, Duane Maxwell, Willie Vazquez
2nd Hal Perry &  Dan Childs 2nd JR Noel, Leslie Lankton, Ryan Martin
3rd Bob Hunt & John Troyan 3rd Jeff Posthumus, Jim Lowe, Jody Jones
4th Nick Chaffin & Bonnie Trumbo 4th Rick Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Rayla Phillip
5th/6th Anna Brunskill & Jana Brannen 5th/6th Bob Crum, Joel Atkins, Gilbert Schafer
5th/6th Terry Leahy & Joel Atkins 5th/6th Bob Hunt, John Goodwin, Mike Quilla

.Saturday, July 4  The auctions for the Add to 2 and Add to 4 Bring Partner doubles was held when there were only 2 teams left in the ABC event.  With 6 players left, 1 was playing in the Add to 2 and 4 were playing in the add to 4 event.  The Add to 2 entry was $1000 and the auction was $2260.  The Add to 4 entry was $1000 and the auction was $2130.  There were 10 teams in each of these events.

Add to 2 Add to 4
1st Jim Martin & Duane Maxwell 1st Anna Brunskill & Dan Childs
2nd Jody Jones & Dave Keithahan 2nd Jana Brannen &  Bill Landress
3rd Nick Chaffin & Sam Seminario 3rd Joel Atkins & JR Noel

In the afternoon, Robbie Gann was inducted into the California Table Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.  Because her brother Bobby Goldsmith couldn't pronounce “sister”, Robbi became known as “Aunt Sitter.”  Her son Joe composed and performed a wonderful tribute to the “Shuffleboard Queen of the San Joaquin.”  She usually made enough money to replace the socks she wore out playing shoeless.  Former partners Marion Bailey, Mike Quilla and Troy Tolbert told interesting stories about playing shuffleboard with her years ago at The Hut and Mr. G’s in Visalia and many other places on their road trips.  Newer players (those with less then 30 years under their belts) Dave Keithahan and Rick Thomas thanked her for the pioneering work she did in opening up the sport to women players and the many lessons she taught them.  Many family members also gave praise and congratulations.  Also present to honor Robbie were previous Hall of Fame inductees Marion Bailey, Bob Brunskill, Don Cox, Nick Chaffin, Bob Hunt, Hal Perry, Troy Tolbert, and Paul Weber.  Making the presentation was Hall of Fame president Jim Martin.
     A thank you to Marion Bailey and Dave Keithahan for each bringing two shuffleboards to the tournament.  This makes my bracket job real easy.  Thanks also to the Eagles Lodge #3608 for keeping the drinks coming, the donation of
the set of weights for the raffle and keeping the air conditioner working.  A special thanks to Charlene Goldsmith for the Saturday dinner and the diamond ring she donated for the raffle.
     Another great job by Paul Weber on the Auctions.  The totals were $9410 for the three auctions, $3350 for the entry monies for a tournament total of $12,760.

Bob Brunskill reporting.

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