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Greetings from the
Wandering Women’s Shuffleboard Tournament being held at the Elk’s Lodge in Downey, Ca.

As you are all aware (I hope), the wandering women’s tournament is held yearly at a different site around the USA.  This year’s tourney has drawn 50 players to southern California just for the A-B draw partner’s event.  This event got under way tonight, Thursday, September 26, 2008.  There is a total of $6830.00 in the auction money.  That is an outstanding showing.

This event has drawn many players from around the country.  Tomorrow I will do my best to get a list of the areas players have traveled from.

As of this writing, (2:00 am), there are 8 teams remaining in the winners bracket and 10 in the losers.  I will give you a short form bracket when we get to the last 10 teams.  Play resumes at 9:00 am PST, so expect an update in the afternoon.

There will be many thank you’s that need to go out for this tournament.  I am going to be listing everyone who has given tirelessly to this event at the close of the weekend.  I will tell you now that Chris Brown, tournament director, has put in and continues to put in so much effort to make this a success that there will never be enough praise for her work.
Chris was presented with a trophy for her efforts that was taller than she is.  This was done through Joe Muniz who not only handled the action, but is a constant supporter and promoter of our game.   Joe, thank you in advance for all your work.

We had one guy actually dress in women’s clothing trying to get in to the tourney.  He was found out, but not until he had a couple of date propositions.  I will say, he looked great in his blue and orange shirt and 54 DDDD.  His lipstick was his color, but the shoes were way wrong for his outfit.  Maybe next year he’ll make it in.

Well, for tonight, I wish you all good sleep and good luck to all the women participating in this event.

Until tomorrow, Jeff Posthumus
Posted Friday, September 26, 2008 5:35 AM

Women Wandering the World X Shuffleboard Tournament Update 9/27/08

As is everything in life, mistakes happen.  The ability to admit them and acknowledge your errors is a very useful tool to have.  So, with that in mind, I need to make a correction to the previous writing.  The actual name of this tournament has been given to me, so I am correcting that right now.  This is the “Women Wandering the World X” tournament.  So, now you have the error and correction.  I guess that makes it time to give you the results as the tournament stands now.

We had some excitement at this event this year.  The City of Downey, Ca., where the tournament is being held had a problem with the water supply.  Apparently there was some kind of substance in the water that contaminated the local supply, thus all businesses, to include restaurants, bars, and any business that uses potable water was to be shut down while the problem was being corrected.  We heard many scenarios as to when the water would be ok.  Well, the city inspectors working with the leaders of the Downey Elks Lodge, allowed us to continue the tournament without much interruption.  The Elks Lode is to be commended for their efforts in working with the city as they did and continue to support the tournament even as it looked bleak for a while.  Thank you to all who worked together to keep the doors open and the tournament flowing.

The AB draw doubles event had a total of $7800.00 available to the players.  With 25 teams in the event, money was paid through 8th place.

 Taking first place was the team of Manny Canada and Peggy Hodge.  They defeated a very tough team of Debbie Voorhis and BB Boik.  Third place went to Joanie Healey and Mo Harley, (remember the name Mo).  Our forth place finishers were Sandy Blade and Marylyn Mason.

Also cashing in this event were the 5/6 place teams of DeVonna Golden and JoAnn Leonard, and the 7/8 place teams of Jodie Berry and Denise Bailey.

All of these players did an excellent job.  This was a well-played event and it seems everyone enjoyed themselves. 

The Division One Singles and the Division Two Singles were held at the same time.  First we will get through the Division One.

Division One Singles had 20 players and about $6000.00 in prize money awarded.  The event ended at 2:15 am this morning with Cindy Clark taking the honors.  This was not easy.  Jodie Berry put up a great fight and ended up second.  Cindy has the distinct honor of being the first two time Champion in the Division One Singles.  She won this event in Kansas City Mo., in 2005.  If you get a chance be sure to say congrats to her for this incredible feat.  I realized while watching these two how tough of players they are.  Watching them play and see their determination was just a great experience.  Congratulations to both of you.

Third place went to Sandy Blade.  Getting her share of the prize payout was Pam Dowell taking forth.  Rounding out the money winners in this event were Joanie Healey and Debbie Voorhis with 5/6 place finishes. 

All of these players did an excellent job.  Not only did they play well, but they put on a great show for all who watched.

Division Two Singles event had 26 players chasing about $4500.00 in prize money.  With
this many entrants, prize money was paid out to 8th place.

Our winner of this event was Barbara Head.  She defeated a hard playing Mo Harley, (Sound familiar?).

Third place winning single player was Jett Williamson.  Jana Brannen placed forth, with Toni Cambill and Laura Rebecca tying for the 5/6 slots.  Rounding out the money winners were Sandi Gareau and Jan Manes taking 7/8.

Again, an exceptional contest.

As you can see, there are a lot of names listed above.  This shows how good these women are and how competitive.  After watching these events and seeing the abilities of these players, I am sure Jeffica was glad she (oops, he), was not allowed in the tournament.  I’ll interview him sometime and get his thought on that.

There is one more event that is currently underway.  That is the bring partner event which started Saturday night and will conclude Sunday.  I will give the results of that and a full write-up as soon as the event concludes, (give or take a few hours).

Jeff Posthumus
Sunday, September 28, 2008 9:23 AM

Wandering Women of the World annual Shuffleboard Tournament final thoughts

As the weekend concluded and everyone went back home to their families, I felt a need to recap the events of the weekend at Downey Elk’s Lodge in Downey California. As all who have followed this tournament are aware, the weekend has been a great success despite some technical difficulties. I am happy to report the water problem we faced did not affect the play much. We lost about 4-5 hours of time due to the crisis, but the women took this in stride and made the weekend a great event.

As the final results have been posted on already, I want to let you all know how much fun was had over this weekend. With women traveling from all over the country, the personalities were varied but the friendships formed and long friendships renewed made up for any negative actions.

With the personalities of crazies like Melissa Dunn and Jett Williamson always making people smile and Susie Jones and Evie Maxwell playing silly games, there was so much laughter to be heard it was almost deafening. I think Jett with her sundress, (also known as PJ’s), made quit an impression. Cindy Clark only received one marriage proposal this weekend, (probably a tournament low), and Jody Berry’s personality speaks so loudly anyone who talks to her can do nothing but smile.
Let’s not forget Jane Mourgos and Linda Meyer who always have kind words for everyone, and Linda Churchman with her gentle nature making people laugh. Taya Keesling making this trip instead of getting married right away. Her fiancé has her trained well, shuffleboard first, marriage ohhhhh sometime when we can squeeze it in.
And while all of this was going on, Peggy Hodge became a two-event champion. Somehow, I think her rating is about to change. Congratulations on the victories Peggy, I hope you made it through the airport OK with so much cash and hardware.
So many good times happened over the weekend, the stories are countless. I can say that all had a great time. Even the men that were at the event enjoyed this. (how could we not being outnumbered three to one.)
Many people helped bring this all together. I am not too sure of all involved, but I will give you as many as I can and just say thank you to all of them. The volunteer work that happens at all tournaments, and especially large tournaments like this is something that always amazes me. I can think of no other way to keep our sport alive and well than with the people who work so hard to bring these events together.
Starting with the most obvious to all of us, Chris Brown. Chris put in tremendous hours into planning and preparing everything for this event. It was a pleasure to work with her and help her as much as I could. Great job Chris, be proud of what you did.
Dave Keithahn installed six boards for the tournament that played good. Dave spent a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to have the boards ready and playable. The design on the boards with the guiding dots was Dave's idea. If anyone cares to, please drop me a line with your take on the boards and how they played. I am interested in any feedback. Again, great job Dave.
Other men who assisted in setting up the boards were: Bill Landress, (an assistant to Dave who helped and learned a lot), Dave Brennan, Timmy O'Brien, Joe Muniz, Gary Gareau and our late arrival Vern Booth. Chris Brown I know appreciates all of you for what you did to help.
Mina made sure the women had transportation to and from airports and motels as well as any other destinations. He did a great job of being available to all. Thanks Mina.

Paul Thompson is one hell of a cook. All who enjoyed his Tri-Tips enjoyed a great meal. Good job PT. All you need now is to come to my place and really learn how to cook. Someday we'll have a tri-tip cook off for a tournament.
Joe Muniz who helped with the boards also was the auctioneer. Raising over $21,000.00 in this tournament is a testament to his ability to conduct four auctions and keep the money coming in. As always, Joe is a great part of shuffleboard and a true promoter of this sport. Thanks Joe.

We had several helpers at the bracket boards. Leading the pack was Rich (Bubba) Warren. Bubba figured board assignments and did a great job of keeping the flow of the tournament to continue play. Assisting Bubba were Jim Golden and Vern Booth. Both of these gentlemen put in long hours at the bracket boards and never complained, (at least not out loud) about the work they put in. This takes a lot of understanding of the game to handle brackets, so either these guys are real good or just old and been doing this so long.

We have to all appreciate Jim Martin just for being at tournaments and taking all of the pictures and video he does. Jim is restless in his work and always does a great job of capturing the right shots at the right time. For all interested, Jim is doing a video of the tournament that will soon be available, so keep checking for that info. Jim is the president of the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. He does a great job at all he does and is an asset to this sport that all of us should be grateful for. Jim, thank you for the help as always.

We must also thank Bob Naretta for his work at the tournament. He did so many things that I can't even count. But I know he did them all with a smile and seemed to have a good time. Thanks for the hard work Bob.
I was going to try and not mention Wes Eades for his help, but my conscience finally got to me, so I have to mention the job he did to support the weekend. Wes was there for us for the boards, the carpeting, teaching the men how to vacuum and being a pain in the a........, so for all of that we need to thank him. Wes is such a good person and friend to all shuffleboarders. If you need a smile, just talk to Wes. How Eileen puts up with him is like getting to the center of a tootsie pop, no one knows how, it just happens.

Other people that were involved with this tournament that need to be mentioned are Bob and Anna Brunskill, Eileen Eades, the members of the Elks Lodge, (who without this would not be possible at their facility), and the bartenders who put up with all of us there. Thanks you all so much for your contribution of time and effort. This is what it is all about, a group of friends working together to have fun.

Just doesn't get any better than that.

To all who won money, congratulations again. To all who played, everyone did a great job. To all who just showed in support, thank you for being there and witnessing such a great event. And to all who worked so hard, a big THANK YOU goes out from my heart.

So, there you have it. Next time you see anyone involved with this tournament, just say thanks.

Lag fours Lag fours Lag fours Lag fours

Jeff Posthumus

Women Wandering the World 10th Annual Tournament

By Tournament Director Chris Brown

The tournament is over, the boards are gone, the hall is empty. The memories will always linger on. The annual migration of the shuffleboard women of this country is something you have to see to appreciate how we all feel when it’s over. No one wants to leave and go home.

This year’s tournament was special… of course, they all have been special – but this year the tournament went back to it’s beginnings. The first Ladies Tournament which started this traveling group of Women was held in Livermore, CA by Jane Mourgos, Vickie Hunt, and the other North California Ladies. It was a response to a Woman’s Bring Partner Doubles event at a tournament held by the old Dixie Belle in South California which owner (Dixie) Debbie Merhoff and I had put on. We all had so much fun there that we sort of challenged the No Calif ladies to respond with a Women’s Tournament, which they did the following January. When the ladies from Arizona arrived (Mannie Canada and Linda Churchman were the two I remember) took it on for the next year – the tournament had started on it’s wandering way.

Therefore, it was only fitting that the North and South California ladies got back together for the makings of this years tourney. It couldn’t have happened without the talents of Jane Mourgos and Vickie Hunt. They handled all the extras that make this tournament special for the ladies – decorations, gift bags, raffle prizes, T-shirts, etc. This year for the first time we had a timeline of memorabilia from the first 9 tourney’s on the wall, as well as a map of the country where each player stuck a “palm tree sticker” to show where they were from. And beach scenes and palm trees everywhere. This years theme? Palm trees and flip-flops (what else would represent Southern California so well?). Original art murals by local artist Patty Thompson were on walls inside and outside, depicting beach scenes.  Palm trees were scattered outside along the patio. It was colorful, festive, and a ready made backdrop for a week long party.

And the party started on Tuesday when the Oregon ladies (Lorraine Olsen and Evie Maxwell) rolled into town. Wednesday morning early the Indiana Ladies flew in, closely followed by Missouri. Arizona drove in late on Wednesday, and Nevada on Thursday. Somewhere on Wednesday or Thursday Oklahoma and Arkansas snuck in. Colorado showed up just before the tourney began on Thursday, and North Californians came throughout. Trust me when I say that you put these ladies together anywhere and you have a party going that never stops.

When I took on the task two years ago of overseeing this years tournament, I had to try to explain to the many volunteer helpers from my Elks Lodge where the tourney was to be held that this wasn’t a normal tournament. The “goal” wasn’t just to have a tournament which ran smoothly. Our ultimate goal was to provide a place where these ladies could gather, bond, party, eat, drink, and – oh, yeah – play a little shuffleboard. My volunteers numbered in the dozens by the time of the tournament. Not just the Elks (who are the greatest!) but the local shuffleboard men who supported us in every area- Jimmy Martin, Vern Booth, Joe Muniz, Jeff Posthumus, Rich “Bubba” Warren, Bill L., Jim Golden (drafted when he arrived from Las Vegas), and others. Wes and Eileen Eades (former owners of the old Dixie Belle and now Elk members) came out of retirement and helped organize crews for transportation, etc. Food crews were formed, board care crews, service crews, cleaning crews, photography crews, bracketing crews, auction crews, etc.

We had a few glitches (whoever plans for an entire city being shut down due to possible water contamination?). For those ladies who were here – the final tests came back from the county – there was no contamination. But by 7:00 a.m. on Friday morning we were hauling hundreds of pounds of ice in from other cities, as well as bottled water, sodas, etc. The tournament continued with hardly a pause.

I won’t report on the results, as Jeff has done this admirably, but I will say that this will always be the best tournament I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with! And the ladies that attended will always remain in my heart and in my memories. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you one and all for attending and helping to bring this together.

AB Draw - 25 Teams
1st Manny Canada & Peggy Hodge (WB)
2nd Debbie Voorhis & BB Boik
3rd Joanie Healey & Mo Harley
4th Sandy Blade & Marylyn Mason
5th/6th Linda Aragon & Melissa Dunn
5th/6th DeVonna Golden & JoAnn Leonard
7th/8th Mary Brown & Jan Manes
7th/8th Jodie Berry & Denise Bailey

Lorraine Olson & Sam Lambert
Cindy Clark & Mary Ellen Scott
Barbara Head & Sheryl Lyon
Vickie Hunt & Lois Shirley
Kathy Thomas & Nancy Salazar
Gwyn Orsi & Sally Langlois
Vicki Morgan & Jana Brennen
Kim Stripe & Susie Q Jones

Evie Maxwell & Joyce Langdon
Linda Meyer & Rose Martinez
Jett Williamson & Betty Watson
Taya Kesling & Laura Rebecca
Linda Churchman & Toni Campbell
Jane Mourgos & Barbara Smith
Pam Dowell & Jane Seybert
Sheryl Cockerill & Sandi Gareau
Sandy Tubbs & Carol Westerman
Division I Singles - 20

1st Cindy Clark (WB)
2nd Jodie Berry
3rd Sandy Blade

4th Pam Dowell
5th/6th Debbie Voorhis
5th/6th Joanie Healey

Sandy Tubbs
Sheryl Cockerill
Kim Stripe
Anna Brunskill
Kathy Thomas
Chris Brown
Gwyn Orsi
DeVonna Golden
Taya Keesling
Jane Mourgos
Lorraine Olson
Linda Meyer
Linda Churchman
Mary Brown
Division II Singles - 26
1st Barbara Head (WB)
2nd Mo Harley
3rd Jett Williamson
4th Jana Brannen
5th/6th Toni Cambill
5th/6th Laura Rebecca
7th/8th Sandi Gareau
7th/8th Jan Manes
Joyce Langdon
Vicky Hunt
Nancy Worster
Linda Aragon
Mary Ellen Scott
Rose Martinez
Lois Shirley
Melissa Dunn
Betty Watson

Cheryl Lyon
Jane Seybert
Barbara Thompson
Theresa Clark
Nancy Salazar
Marylyn Mason
Susie Q Jones
Evie Maxwell

Sallie Graves
Doubles Add to 3 - 24 Teams

1st Pam Dowell & Peggy Hodge
2nd Cindy Clark & Manny Canada
3rd Sandy Tubbs & Barb Head
4th Linda Churchman & Mary Ellen Scott
5th/6th Debbie Voorhis & Taya Keesling
5th/6th Jane Mourgos & Linda Meyer

Chris Brown & Sandy Flood
Susie Q Jones & Sandi Gareau
Mary Brown & Vicki Morgan
Sheryl Cockerill & Carol Westerman

Gwyn Orsi & Vicky Hunt
Melissa Dunn & Marylyn Mason
Linda Aragon & Nancy Salazar
Barbara Thompson & Sally Graves
Jodie Berry & Jane Seybert
Jan Manes & Lois Shirley
DeVonna Golden & Kathy Thomas
Kim Stripe & Laura Rebecca
Lorraine Olson & Eve Maxwell
Joanie Healey & Anna Brunskill
Leslie Lankton & Robbi Gann
Jett Williamson & Joyce Langdon
Denise Bailey & JoAnn Leanard
Sandy Blade & Betty Watson

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