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9th Annual Thanksgiving
ABC Draw
Bring Partner Doubles

Slide Show by Jim Martin
Reported by Jim Martin & Jeff Posthumus

Oscar’s Thanksgiving Day Tournament

Even the small tournaments are fun.  Whenever we get together as friends it doesn’t matter what the outcome of the tournament, we just have a good time together. 

The Thanksgiving weekend tournament had and ABC event with eight strong teams.  Winning the event was the team of Jim Martin, Dan Childs and Bucky Bronson.  This team is another example of how great our sport is.  Bucky played in his first ABC event at Oscar’s, and proved to be a good player.  If you recall, I have mentioned how good Dan Childs is playing, and this tournament was no exception as Dan again showed us why his rating will continue to improve rapidly. 

ABC Bring Partner
1st Jim Martin, Dan Childs and Bucky Bronson 1st Craig Amundson & Phil Gardner
2nd Eric Chiles, Bobbie Duncan and Don Wallace 2nd Rich (Bubba) Warren and Jeff Posthumus
3rd Vern Booth, Oscar Ugarte, and Janna Brannen  

 Taking second place was the team of Eric Chiles, Bobbie Duncan and Don Wallace.  This team played very well.  Bobbie visited us from Exeter Ca.  As always is it nice to have out of town players come in for events.Third place was Vern Booth, I think our oldest player in the crowd, Oscar Ugarte, (home field advantage), and Janna Brannen, (continuing her money making adventures from Reno). 

This event paid out $1800.00 and a lot of smiles.  Congratulations to all who made it into the money.Our other event was a bring partner event.  We had six teams playing for about $1600 in prize money. 

Winning this event was the team of Craig Amundson and Phil Gardner.  Both of these players are extremely talented players and together make a tough match for anyone.Second place in the doubles was the team of Rich (Bubba) Warren and Jeff Posthumus.  Both played very good losing in three games in the finals.

Special thanks goes out to Jan Manes.  She worked extremely hard to help with this event and also played in the ABC.  Thank you so much for all the help Jan.

Of course, as always, I need to say thank you to Bubba Warren for his efforts in this event as well as Oscar Ugarte for holding this event and feeding us all.  Paul Webber is our constant in the team auctions.  We cannot say thanks enough for your help and support.  And finally thank you to the bartenders that kept us all wet for the weekend.

Thanks to all who participated and congrats to all who placed.  May everyone win his or her next game lagging out, (as long as it’s not against me). 

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