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2008 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament
July 3rd-6th, 2008
Steve Floyd CA HOF

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Reported by Jeff Posthumus
2008 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament Results
California Shuffleboard Hall-of-Fame

It almost seems unjust to simply write a recap of the happenings in Exeter California for the July 4th Tournament held at the Exeter Eagles Lodge #3608. With so much going on, this article may be somewhat long, but please bear with me as I try to explain the weekend.
Steve Floyd
First and most important is the California Hall of Fame induction of Steve Floyd. This induction was by far the most emotional I have ever been to. Steve is an incredible person with so many friends. His induction is way overdue. Steve has so many friends who’s heart he has touched and wallets he has emptied that showed for this event that the ABC event had an incredible 63 players to form 21 very competitive teams. More importantly, Rick Thomas and Jim Martin did an incredible job with the format and induction. We as a community of friends and family can only say thank you to them for the work they did. I hope everyone can get an opportunity to congratulate Steve for this well deserved honor. Steve, from my heart I am very proud to call you a friend and say congratulations. I will always remember what you told me years ago about this game and the fellowship of shuffleboard. Congratulations again.

Another presentation that took place over the weekend was for the great Bobby Goldsmith. Bobby was honored with a plaque in his name with his image engraved to be hung in the Exeter Eagles Lodge for all to remember his commitment to the game of shuffleboard and to all the friends and family that made him so special to us. Take a moment and reflect on how Bobby touched your life and remember our friend always. When passing through the area, be sure to stop and visit the lodge and look at the plague.

It would seem that we were so busy doing presentations we had no time for shuffleboard. How wrong you would be to think such a thing. Lets get to the business of results.
Sam Seminario, Rose King, Warren Goldsmith
Our first event was the ABC. With a total of $8700.00 available in prize money, this event proved a challenge for all. Prize money was awarded to six places. Taking the bulk of the money in this event was the winning team of Warren Goldsmith, Rose King and Sam Seminario. It was so great to see Warren win this with his father’s plaque looking over the crowd.

Second place went to the very good team of Steve O’neal, Wally Ewing and Jana Brannen. (Looking at the top two teams, one would think local knowledge might have helped a little.) Third place was the team of John Fisher, Dan Childs and Gloria Duran. This is an all Southern California team. A very nice showing from So-Cal. Forth place belonged to Anna Brunskill, Michele Lamo and Karl Helm. Also cashing in this event were the 5/6th place teams of Eric Chiles, Mike Ringer and Bobbie Duncan on one team and Marion Bailey, Kath Thomas and Betty Watson on the other team.
Warren Goldsmith & Ty Bayne
In our Double’s add to two event, the challenge was to collect as much as possible of the $4828.00 available. We had 16 teams challenge for the cash. Well, Warren Goldsmith and Ty Bayne took the bulk of the money with their first place finish. Apparently Warren must have been broke, he played lights out for the weekend. As always, Ty was a great player. (Again, maybe a little local knowledge. I know, I know, you still have to make the shot.) Congratulations to both of them for this victory.

Taking second place in this event was the team of Phil Gardner and Dan Childs. Dan is a southern Cal player that played a great game this weekend. It is great to see Dan do so well in this tournament. Congratulations to both of you. Third place went to the Vegas couple of Jim and Devonna Golden. As is the usual case, they are a tough team to beat. (If I ever find someone to tolerate me, maybe she will learn this game so we could challenge the Golden’s. Maybe not.) Good job guys.Rounding out the money winners in the doubles are the team of Craig Amundson and Bill Landress, two very good players that played very well.
1st 4 Person
Well, moving on to the ever so popular four-person, add to six event. With $4660.00 available for this event, the retuning champions of J.R Danger Noel and Jeff Posthumus along with Eric Chiles and Jeff Delphia completed the event in front. Jeff Delphia played in his first four-man event and went home with a smile. (A personal note to JR, thanks for trusting me to be a part of your team.) Congratulations to you all.

Also taking money from this event was the second place team of Dave Keithahan, Grant Watson, Jana Brannen and Bill Landress. Congratulations on the great play. Finally, the third place team of Rick Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Phil Gardner and Betty Watson took their share of the money. Great playing guys! The add to six event had 10 teams represented. This is such a great format that to close and event this way is just an enjoyable experience.

As you can tell, this was a great weekend. The representation from all over the region cannot be appreciated enough. This just shows how strong our sport is and how much fun we can have together. This also shows how much respect and admiration we all have for Steve Floyd and Bobby Goldsmith.

Finally, lets get to some thank you’s. First off, lets thank the Eagles Lodge for having us year after year and putting up with us for an entire weekend. We know that most of the people that help from your lodge are volunteering their time to make our stay so good. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the ladies that prepaired all the food for us. We cannot say thank you enough for opening your doors and hearts to us. We also consider you as much friends and a part of our shuffleboard community as any player. Thank you again.

Other thank you’s go to Bob Brunskill and Paul Webber for running such a successful venue. These two gentlemen work extremely hard to make things go smoothly. I cannot say enough of the respect I have for the job they do and the time they put in. Thank you so much.

Marion Bailey and his crew always make sure the boards are in great playing condition. Wes Martin and Marion worked diligently to be sure the boards were ready. I must say, they were fantastic as always. If you ever get to come to this event, you would be amazed at the characteristics of these boards. Just doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks to Kathy Thomas for a great job on the Steve Floyd induction program booklets. Kathy has done the last three booklets for us and we want her to know just how much it means to us. Thanks Kathy. Jim Martin, the president of the California Hall of Fame, wants to thank Charlene Goldsmith for the donation of the gold and diamond necklace. The necklace rasied $206 for the hall of fame. Also a big thanks to Bonnie Trumbo and Jan Manes for their comtribution to the hall of fame. From the sales of their tee shirts, they made a much appreciated donation. We also would like to acknowledge Joel Atkins for getting the boards ready for play each and every morning.

Finally, thank you to Rich "Bubba" Warren for getting the plaques for the presentations. There are not enough words to say thank you to all involved, but since I have already said too much, I will end here.
May you all win your next game with a four lag.

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