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2007 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament
July 4th-9th, 2007
ABC, Doubles - Add to 2,
4 Person - Add to 6
Reported by Jeff Posthumus
 2007 Exeter 4th of July Shuffleboard Tournament Results
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Sometimes I go to tournaments and have way too much fun to describe. Well, this is one of those times. Exeter Ca. was a once and a lifetime chance to completely enjoy a tournament and have a great time while not playing as well. Many friends and new players joined in this wonderful event. Players from northern and southern California as well as Las Vegas joined in to complete a great weekend.

Paul Webber pulled off running three events in a weekend that seemed to flow seamlessly. Thank you Paul for doing such a great job taking care of this event.

We enjoyed an ABC, add to two doubles and an add to six team event. In the ABC, the winning team consisted of Jeff Posthumus, Wally Ewing and Bonnie Trumbo. Bonnie secured her first tournament victory. What a great sight to see the smile on her face after winning. Congratulations to her. Wally was “just a laggin fool” all weekend. What a teammate to have in any tournament.

Second place finish was enjoyed by Jerry Harp, John Thames and Bill Landress. John also joins the ranks of the “laggin fools.” What a spectacular display of laggin by John.

Third place went to Jim Golden, Kathy Thomas and Art Martinez. It is just a pleasure to watch players with such devotion and enjoyment of the game come together for a great event.

Fifteen teams were represented in the ABC with $4200 of prize money paid out. This is obviously a great event for all to come to.

In the add to two event, $5000 was up for grabs. This event showcased 14 very good teams. Insisting on their share was the winning team of Jim and DeVonna Golden. What a great team. Both Jim and DeVonna are such loyal fans, supporters and great players that seeing them win as a husband and wife team is just a thrill.

Picking up second place honors was one of the best supporters of this sport I have ever met. Marrion Bailey and his partner Wally Ewing. As is usual, Wally was laggin again to get this team into the money.

Well, Las Vegas wanted all the money as usual, so they also took home third place with the team of Danny Leach and Jeff Keyes. Sometimes I wonder how such great players can play together on a team like this.

Our final event was the always fun four person add to six team event. Featuring 7 teams, this event was not only a success, but also a tribute to the sport. Twenty-eight players hung out through Monday to complete this challenge. This year, the team of J.R. Noel, Jeff Posthumus, Mina Bishara and John Thames decided to complete the sweep and take home the title. Both Mina and John played very well in this event. I would also like to say J.R. Noel is one fierce competitor. “Danger, I can’t believe my left eye” is the best quote one can ever have.

Well, Las Vegas just has to get money in every event don’t they? The all Vegas team of Jim Golden, DeVonna Golden, Jeff Keyes and Danny Leach took second place. Note to Danny, I got lucky on the lagg, you made the right decision.

In the team event we had a total of $3000.00 in prize money.

As always, there are many people to thank for this tournament. Well, lets start with Paul Webber. Paul is an incredible supporter of this game and such a great teacher and person that any tournament he runs can be nothing but successful.

Marrion Bailey continues to take care of us at this great tournament. Year after year he has a crew that makes sure the boards are in and playable and well maintained. We also pray for Marrion and hope all is well with him.

Thank you to the Eagles for all they do for us during this event. The food is wonderful, the service is fun and the friendships that develop as a result of your hard work are unbreakable. Thank you to all of your volunteers that took care of us over the weekend and made sure we were in need of nothing. This is a challenging logistical success considering how many people travel. Thank you to all the players who traveled to this event for your continued support of our sport. I know that I as well as many others look forward to this tournament every year and can’t wait until next year to do it again.

One final note is a thank you to Bob and Anna Brunskill. Though you could not be at this tournament, everyone in shuffleboard thanks you for your support and hard work for this event.

Finally, I was able to take a couple hundred pictures, so I am sure I got everyone in a couple of them. If you wish to have me email any to you, just drop me a line at and I will be sure to send some to you.

To everyone I wish a four lag to go out and a great friend to see it happen.

Thank you,

Jeff Posthumus

ABC 1st - Wally Ewing, Bonnie Trumbo, Jeff Posthumus
ABC 2nd - John Thames, Bill Landress, Jerry Harp
ABC 3rd - Jim Golden, Kathy Thomas, Art Martinez
1st Doubles -
Jim & DeVonna Golden
2nd Doubles - Marion Bailey & Wally Ewing
3rd Doubles - Danny Leach & Jeff Keyes
4 Person Team
1st 4 Person - JR Noel, John Thames, Mina Bishara, Jeff Posthumus
2nd 4 Person - Jeff Keyes, Danny Leach, DeVonna & Jim Golden

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