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Downey Elks 2020
11123 Woodruff Ave, Downey, CA 90241
Sweethearts Shufflebord Tournament
February 9-11, 2007
Reported by Chris Brown  

What a great tournament this turned out to be! With 17 teams participating, and a payout to 4 places, play was sometimes intense – but always fun! Local players who couldn’t play in the tournament were coming by to watch, and it was nice to see 25 or more people there to watch the finals! Manny and Ted came out of the Losers Brackett to win first place, not losing any games in the finals.

17 Teams 
Ted & Manny Canada (AZ) 1st Place
Jim Martin & Chris Brown (CA) 2nd Place
Craig Amundson & Bebe Boik (CA) 3rd Place
Gary & Susie Jones (CA) 4th Place

Don Wallis & Toni Campbell (CA)
Bob & Bev Lukens (CA)
Ernie Alverez & Betsy Krier (CA)
Oscar Ugarpe & Nancy Worster (CA)
Bob Naretta & Michele Lamo (CA)
John McGinnis & Linda Wright (CA)
Terry Leahy & Linda Churchman (AZ)
Karl Spickelmeir & Mo Harley (CA)
Wes Eades & Sandi Gareau (CA)
Vern Booth & Bobbi Duncan (CA)
Nick Chavez (CA) & Debbie Merhoff No.CA)
James O'Brien & Megan Bolla (CA)
Jerry Harp & Janna Brannen (CA)

1st - Manny and Ted Canada, Arizona
2nd - Chris Brown and Jim Martin (Downey Elks!)
3rd - BeBe Boik & Craig Amundson, Bellflower CA
4th - Susie and Gary Jones (Downey Elks!)


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