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Oskar's Sports Bar & GrillBilly Chiles
9th Annual Billy Chiles Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament

Labor Day Weekend 2006

Hi all. Finally recovered enough to get this update out on the tournament. And WOW, what a tournament it was. The old saying what happens in Vegas… Well, What happens at Oskars…

Anyway, first off, a salute to all serving our country in this trying time and May God bless you all.

We had a 19 team ABC. This allowed us to pay out to 6th places. The results are:

First place to the team of Bobby "freehand" Ruiz, Lewis Bailey and Kelly Hampton. Bobby’s team went through the winners bracket and made short work of the finals in two games.

Second Place belongs to Bob Brunskill, Jeff Posthumus and Pearl Minard. Third place was Ty Bayne, Terry Leahy and Ralph Clough.
Fourth place was Phil Fridley, Linda Churchman and Denise Bailey

Payout on the ABC was an astounding $7800.00.

Congratulations to all.

In the add to 2 event, we had a total of 17 very good teams. Again, we paid out 6 places with the following results:

First place winners were Timmy O’Brien and Dave Brennen. What a pairing. This team came from losing their first match of the tournament to "double dip" in the finals.

Second place went to the team of Cindy Clark and Wendell Herbison. Way to go Arizona.

Third place finishers were Grant Manning and Jim Golden. Another great showing from out of stators. Way to go Nevada.

Fourth place was the team of Bubba Warren and Jeff Posthumus. Local boys make a strong showing.

Fifth/sixth place finishers are Ty Bayne and warren Goldsmith representing Northern Ca., and Mike Parrish and Georjean Brown, our friends from Florida on a quest to become West enders again. Welcome home by the way.

Total payout in the add to 2 was $5600.00

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for, the add to 4 event. With eleven teams in this field, we paid out three places for a total of $3000.00. Winners were:

First place goes to Anna Brunskill and Allan Healey. A great local team with a great performance.

Second place went to Manny Canada and Alice Arredondo. Again, Arizona makes a great showing.

Finally third place is the team of Mike Ringer and Jerry Harp. This is a split team from Northern Ca. and Southern Ca.

I cannot thank all the players enough for being here and enjoying the weekend. What a wonderful group of people that I personally am very proud to know.

A couple of special thank you’s:

Bubba Warren. What a great job as always for running this tournament.

Susie Jones. Without you Susie, we would be lost.

Anna and Bob Brunskill for the great food and support that so many expect, but I admire.

Paul Webber. As always Paul, a great job with the Calcutta.

Jan Manes for doing a great job on the 50/50 drawings. We raised over $250 for our Hall of Fame fund.

Oscar Ugarte. For giving us a place to play and your continued support of this sport.

All the servers who took care of us over the weekend.

And finally a very special thank you to Jim Golden. Jim was able to bring the wax for the tournament as we had a "wardrobe malfunction" with the wax and Jim bailed us out.

We look forward to continued events at Oscars. Look for the flyer on this site for the Thanksgiving Day Tournament and Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Paul Webber.

We hope to see you all there.

Yours Truly, Jeff Posthumus

1st ABC Draw
Lewis Baily, Bobby Ruiz, Kelly Hampton
2nd ABC Draw Jeff Posthumus,
Pearl Mindard, Bob Brunskill
3rd ABC Draw
Terry Leahy, Ty Bayne, Ralph Clough
4th ABC Draw Denise Bailey,
Phil Fridley, Linda Churchman
1st Add to 2 Bring Partner
Dave Brennen & Tim O'Brien
2nd Add to 2 Bring Partner
Cindy Clark & Wendell Herbison
3rd Add to 2 Bring Partner
Grant Manning & Jim Golden

1st Bring Partner Add to 4
Anna Brunskill & Allan Healey
2nd Bring Partner Add to 4
Manny Canada & Alice Arredondo
3rd Bring Partner Add to 4
Jerry Harp & Mike Ringer
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