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Oskar's Sports Bar & Grill
Paul Weber California HOF Induction & 7th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament
November 24-26th, 2006 - Reported by Jim Martin, Kathy Thomas
Paul Weber HOF - Tournament Picture Gallery

The annual Thanksgiving tournament and the induction of Paul Weber into the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame went great. As reported by the tournament director, Rich "Bubba" Warren, we had 39 paid shufflers that participated in the ABC and open doubles events. Susie Jones was the treasurer and taker of all the money. Their was approximately $3600 total prize money in each event. Jeff Posthumus was the brackteer.

The ABC event was won by John Fisher, HL Lee and our newcomer and his first tournament, Firman Alvarez. Second place went to Hall of Famer Bob Hunt, Gary Jones and Mike "Yard Sale" Huber. And third was Eric Chiles, Chris Brown and Jan Manes.

In the open doubles it was John Fisher (what a weekend for John) and Robert "Cowboy" Wade. This was Robert's first win in an open doubles. Congratulation Cowboy! John and Cowboy did not lose a game the entire tournament. Way to go team! Second place was JR Noel and Bob Crum. It was a hard fought two games, but John and Cowboy prevailed. The dual of Jerry "Humdinger" Harp and Gary Jones came in third. Jerry and Gary was the next to the lowest Calcutta at $120. Way to go you guys!

The induction of Paul Weber went off without any hitches. Flowers were giving to Mrs. Weber by Jeff Posthumus and to Paul from Siobhan Posthumus. Master of ceremonies, Tim Obrien handled the great induction with such grace and still and I would like to thank Tim for his support. I also want to thank Wes Martin, Joe Muniz, Vern Booth, Ken Hawkes, Dave Brennan, Marion Bailey and Mike Huber all for speaking at the induction. I want to send out a BIG THANKS to Kathy Thomas for her great job she done on the program booklets. If anyone out there would want to order their programs for any tournament or other events, I would highly recommend Kathy's work. What a first class job Kathy. Thanks for taking on the work and your support.

I would like to thank Jan Manes for taking care of the 50/50 drawing and those that participated. If not for our drawings we would not have the funds to pay for our induction's and other things that go un-noticed. And last but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone that did get involved in bringing all that wonderful food. That would be the following people: Susie Jones, Hope Weber, Mo Harley, Jan Manes, Bonnie Turmbo, Ernie Alvarez, Tommy Yoshiyama, Betsy Crier and Oscar Ugarte. I heard nothing but good things about the food at this tournament all weekend. [Picture Gallery]

1st ABC -
Firman Alvarez, John Fischer, HL Lee
2nd ABC -
Bob Hunt, Mike Huber, Gary Jones
3rd ABC -
Chris Brown, Eric Chiles, Jan Manes

1st Bring Partner
John Fisher & Robert Wade
2nd Bring Partner
Bob Crum & JR Noel
3rd Bring Partner
Gary Jones & Jerry Harp
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