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Exeter Eagles Lodge #3608
555 Visalia Rd. Exeter, CA
ABC and Doubles
July 4th Weekend 2006
1st Eddie Brayman, Russ Langton and Kelly Hampti 2nd Leslie Lankton, Ty Bayne & Rayla Phillips
3rd JR Noel, Barbara Crumb and Paul Thompson 4th Bob Crumb, Susie Jones and Tammy Trigueiro
Fun was had by all despite the warm weather. The air-condition was working great. The food and the play was outstanding. Thanks goes out to our great tournament directors Bob Brunskill and Paul Weber. What a great job guys. We also want to say thanks to Marion Bailey, Steve Oneal and Wes Martin for organizing the tournament this year.

Their was $3220 in the ABC calcutta. Coming out on top was the mighty three-some of Eddie Brayman, Russ Langton and Kelly Hampti. Second place went to Ty Bayne, Leslie Lankton and Rayla Phillips. Third was JR Noel, Barbara Crumb and Paul Thompson. And in fourth, Bob Crumb, Susie Jones and Tammy Trigueiro.
1st Wes Martin and JR Noel 2nd Russ Lankton and Warren Goldsmith
3rd Bob and Barbara Crumb  
The doubles mustard up $ 1980 for the calcutta and was won by JR Noel and Wes Martin. The local duel of Warren Goldsmith and Russ Lankton took second. Third place went to Bob and Barbara Crumb.

Another $1280 was collected for the four person team event. This was the second year for this great event and from what I have heard , it was a hit once again. It was a real battle for first place. Coming in first and double dipping the second place team was Ty Bayne, Russ Lankton, Warren Goldsmith and George Goldsmith. Placing second was Bob Crumb, JR Noel, Grant Watson and Barbara.
1st Russ Lankton, Ty Bayne, Warren Goldsmith and George Goldsmith 2nd JR Noel, Grant Watson, Barbara Crumb, Bob Crumb

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