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Sweethearts Shuffleboard
February 10-12, 2006
Downey Elks 2020 Downey, CA
Reported by Chris Brown
Thursday March 2, 2006 8:50 PM

DOWNEY, CA: The Sweethearts Shuffleboard Tournament, negative-handicapped event drew 16 teams with prize money totaling $3060.00.

Negative Handicap, Max 3 Points
The First Place Winners were Paul Obermiller and Cindy Clark of Arizona.
The Second Place Team was Bob Naretta (an Elk Member playing in his first tournament) and Michele Lamo of Orange County, CA
The Third Place Team was Tony and Dottie Bastenchury of Orange County, CA
The Fourth Place team was Vern Booth and Gloria Duron, also of Orange County, CA

The 3 point max. negative handicap system once again proved itself as effective as the First Place team was the highest rated (combined rating of 2), while the second place team was the second lowest rated (combined rating of 7). The 3rd and 4th place teams both had combined ratings of 4.

A great time was had by all, and no one went home hungry. Friday night the Elks kitchen served up a choice of Baby-Backed Ribs or Liver & Onions. Saturday Morning came and Breakfast Burritos were available. Saturday afternoon sandwiches and snacks came out. Saturday night was Pizza and Beer night. Sunday morning was the monthly Esquire's Breakfast. Sunday afternoon a Pot Luck was served featuring a Barbequed Turkey and a Ham.

Ernie Alverez, in memory of "Bellflower Bruce" Hale, distributed roses to all the ladies, and offered a $50.00 prize to the first 4 lagged with hammer. The money was taken by Kenny Hawks (with a beauty lag during his second match) which he promptly used to buy a round for the house, another deed done in Bellflower Bruce's memory.

All players involved left with smiles and hugs, and promises to return for the next tournament.

Reported by Chris Brown

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