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Subject:                          2008 North American Shuffleboard Championships™

September 23, 2008

Volume 8, Number 3

NASC™ Registration up 16% over 2007


Shuffleboard's premier tournament, the North American Shuffleboard Championships™, is just four weeks away. Refinishing the tournament boards, combined with of our online special offer and falling airfares have put us on pace for one of the strongest turnouts in NASC™ history.

The boards are in transit back to Reno and will arrive at the end of this week. Now that they have all been planed, sanded and, refinished along with having the sides, ends and bottoms resealed, we anticipate an even stronger tournament going forward. In recognition of the many contributions of our longtime partner to the success of this event, the Sands Regency logo has been added to the playfields, along with The Shuffleboard Federation and NASC™ logos.



My sincere thanks to Johnny Wayne Crawford, who inspected each of the playfields after it was refinished. He also made sure that the proper amount of pressure was on each of the climatic adjusters and supervised the loading of the truck. Special thanks to David Keithahn as well, for coming up with a great idea that we incorporated into this project. David has been putting a line of dots near each foul line and at the center of the table on boards he has refinished recently. This concept has been used for years in bowling as a way to help players line up their shots. We have added this feature to all of our tables and think it will be well received. Check out the picture below. Pardon the glare in the picture, it is tough to avoid on the shiny new surfaces.



I have continued to receive feedback from people who registered early and are disappointed that they missed out on the online promotion. In reviewing the list of early registrations for the past five years, it is the same group of people who consistently get our tournament off to a great start by registering early. As a thank you to that group of people, there will be an extra special preregistration offer available only to them for next year's tournament, the 20th annual NASC™. All of you in that group will receive an exclusive invitation after the conclusion of this year's tournament.

With airfares down $100 or more in some markets, now is the time to make your reservations if you have not done so already. The best website to check airfares on is currently, which has had prices that are $10 to $50 less than what the airlines are offering on their own web sites. I am seeing similar discounts on Travelocity's Room & Airfare packages. Another great site is, which has a pricing guarantee that is very attractive. After you book your ticket on Orbitz, they will automatically monitor pricing on a daily basis until you travel. If fares for the same itinerary drop after you book your flight, they will send you a refund for the difference. For room and airfare packages, the best deals have traditionally been found at the American Airlines web site,, but Travelocity has consistently been cheaper over the past week If you need help with your travel plans, please give us a call at 800-380-3033.

Just a reminder, if you are planning on attending the tournament, but have not yet have not yet signed up, the early registration deadline is October 4. If you would like to use a credit card or PayPal for your registration and entry fees, you can register online by clicking, or over the phone by calling 800-380-3033.

To print Tournament forms and information, please use the following links: Registration Form, Schedule of Events, and General Information. If you have never been to the NASC™, there has never been a better time to find out why, over the past ten years, more players have attended the NASC™ than any other tournament.

If you need help making air or hotel reservations, or have any questions about the tournament, please call The Shuffleboard Federation at 800-380-3033.

John McDermott, Tournament Director



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