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APRIL 24-26, 2009

  Reported by Linda Churchman
68 registered players with 6 boards. Our 1st time at the American Legion Post #105 ( Site of the upcoming Wandering Womens XI ). We had great service, tough playing boards, wonderful food and great fun with everyone, old and new friends.

We want to thank all of the help from the American Legion and our shuffleboard community for making this tournament a great success. We look forward to having the ladies here in September and know it will be a great turnout!

AB Draw - 25 Teams ABC - 18 Teams

1st Gil Aragon & Duane Maxwell

1st Rick Thomas, Bill Landress, Robert Price (winners all the way thru & split with the 2nd)
2nd Paul Parks & John Thames 2nd Gary Jones, John Thams, Nancy Salazar
3rd Vern Booth & Mannie Canada 3rd Paul Obermiller, Duane Maxwell, Celinda Knight
4th JR Noel & Jason Sanchez 4th Dan Mourgos, Glen Lindberg, Don Cary
5/6 Bob Crum & Steve Farnsworth;
Joe Muniz & Ted Canada
Open Doubles -  
1st Phil Gardner & Lewis Bailey 3rd Wendell Heribson & Bob Lewis
2nd DeWayne Maxwell & Lary Tofoya 4th Bob Crum & J R Noel

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