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May 2-4, 2008

Jim Martin Video Reported by Linda Churchman
Well if anything can go wrong, it has.  The tournament had just drawn the partners for the A/B Draw and an electrical fire erupted in the kitchen. We all got out safely and they contained the fire to the kitchen; however the fire dept & SRP (electric company) would not let anyone back in...We had to cancel the A/B Draw and moved the tournament to the other side of town at The Foxhole Cocktail Lounge.  We went from six (6) boards at Dukes to (3) boards at The Foxhole. 

We were able to do the ABC with 10 teams participating; Open Doubles with 11 teams.The results so far in the ABC are as follows:  1st Place:  Danny Leach(NV), Devonna Golden(NV), Nancy Salazar(AZ); 2nd Place:  Bob Brunskill (CA), Linda Meyer (AZ); Vicki Hunt (CA); 3rd Place: Lary Tofoya(AZ), Vern Booth(CA), John Thames (NV) . 

We are in the midst of the doubles with 6 teams left.  Everyone has really stepped up to make the best for the tournament to continue this weekend. 

ABC Draw (10 teams) Open Doubles (11 teams)
1st Place:  Danny Leach (NV), Devonna Golden (NV), Nancy Salazar (AZ) 1st Place:  Phil Gardner (OK) & Lewis Bailey (AZ)
2nd Place: Bob Brunskill (CA), Linda Meyer (AZ); Vicki Hunt (CA) 2nd Place:  Tony Appel (AZ) & Mike Piper (AZ)
3rd Place:  Lary Tofoya (AZ), Vern Booth (CA), John Thames (NV) 3rd Place:  Dan Leach (NV) & Jeff Keyes (NV)

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